About My Services

I can look into your situation and provide deeper insight into how the other person is feeling. Sometimes, it is not clear to us when we are "stuck" in the situation and in the eye of the storm. I am able to provide counselling and see what your future holds. We can often choose the right path for ourselves or direction and come to the right decision once we have clarity. Do you feel that you have uncertainty surrounding your situation? Is love hurting or confusing? Do you simply need guidance on which path to be on? Do you feel you are confused? Feeling lost and alone and no one to turn to? Certain feelings are natural when we feel we are isolated by the masses-If you feel these questions that are on your mind, please get in touch with great confidence. All sessions are positive and highly empowering. You have the power of choices through a session, you will find your true identity and confidence. Gaining understanding can make life so much more bearable. Maybe your love life is great and something wonderful is about to happen... This experience can be empowering and will provide an indepth discussion into your circumstances in the present and future.
  • At times we may feel stuck or confused in a Relationship. The Innate Wisdom of our Hearts tells us to seek Guidance. <.li>
  • True Soul Mates are Two Hearts Beating as One
  • Specializing in... Soul Mates ~Love~ Financial and Career Issues Karma
By gaining Insight and Enlightenment into your Destiny... You can Touch Your Lover's Soul and Stir their Heart with a Greater Understanding. My Goal is to enlighten and empower you so that You may Grow in harmony on your Spritual Journey.

DISCLAIMER : By contacting me you agree you are over 18 and responsible for your own actions.

Experience & Qualifications

I have had 15 years experience in this field and have provide my services to numerous organizations.


  • Bachelors of Engineering
  • MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
  • Counselling Level 4 Diploma -Cambridge
  • Certified Vedic Astrologer Level 1 and Level 2
  • Certified Numerologist - AMANF
  • Diploma in Professional Spiritual Healing - BSYA
  • Diploma in Professional Stress Consultancy - MASC