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** NEW on Kasamba ** Understanding Marie will lovingly help and support you as you navigate the difficult moments and assist in the resolution/solving of your most important issues, and challenges in your relationships and your quest for love. You can also get a 1 to 10 scale, “Compatibility Score” for the two of you if you would like to know for sure. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Understanding Marie is a telepathic communicator, and with help of Divine Heart and Mind, she taps lovingly and clearly into your/his/her higher-self, heart, and unconscious and conscious mind to see what the real desires and intents are on both sides. During your session, in addition to a Compatibility Score, you can also obtain the all-important “Emotional Age” of the partner you have, or have an interest in. This is a unique talent that Understanding Marie is famously known for! You know, they say that "You should always put the time; care and effort into choosing a dating or marriage partner or mate that you would invest in choosing a brand-new expensive car to spend your hard-earned money on!" Successfully shopping for unconditional love is a wise investment of either time, money and energy or all of the above! Disclaimer: These readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not provided via an exact science-based source of information; nor are they intended to provide and do not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. Information given in the reading should also not replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition.

Experience & Qualifications

Understanding Marie has used her gifts as a 6th sensory telepathic psychology-based reader/spiritual and life-path relationship mentor to help many single and married clients to understand their future partner or the current partner. She has often assisted them in repairing relationships that were broken by providing access to Divine Akashic Record information that was not apparent or clear concerning both her client and their love interest. She has co-designed and co-taught virtual classes on Love and Romance and related topics. As a popular blog radio host, in the recent past, Understanding Marie and her Co-hosts explored many topics based on relationships and our human desires for them. Understanding Marie is a certified crisis-intervention hot-line counselor; published author; talk-radio show host; workshop/retreat facilitator and has received formal training or is certified in many alternative health-centered modalities which include foot and hand reflexology, therapeutic aromatherapy, herbology, flower essences therapy, quantum touch energetic healing, and more. Understanding Marie is currently completing additional professional certifications in “Happiness Life Coach; NLP Practioner; Life Purpose coach; Hypnotherapy and Professional Life Coach.” When Understanding Marie was 13 years old she decided that she had better understand the opposite sex/boys really quick, if she was going to come out on top in the game of love. By the time Understanding Marie was a Junior in high school, her sharp scientific mind kicked in full force! In a voyeuristic/field scientist kind of way, she was already on the path to becoming a budding master at understanding human needs, social behaviors and in particular how people functioned in the area of love and romance. Even at that young age, her classmates paid her to coach them and design a strategic step-by-step plan to follow in order to attract and keep the teenage boy or girl they were interested in. As long as her high school clients stuck to "The Love Plan" that Understanding Marie had developed for them, they were very successful in their quest of love and companionship. They paid her with lunch at her favorite pizza restaurant or in cash...either was just fine with Understanding Marie! Later in college, she continued coaching her classmates in the area of love and romance; but by this time, she was also using 6th sensory reading cards called Gong Hee Fot Choy Cards! The cards help to get even more information to work with. Understanding Marie majored in Psychology in college and was an A+ student in her major. She often successfully conducted formal experiments and research on human relationship and socialization behaviors. Understanding Marie comes from a long line of compassionate men and women who always helped others figure out life and their relationships.


B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Education of The Gifted.