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Single & Dating



** NEW on Kasamba ** Love is in the air! I aim to bring peace and clarity to all my clients regarding love and dating! I am an honest and direct reader who doesn't skip over the little details! I read intutively using tarot cards with the help of my guides and angels! Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am a natural empath with many years of experience specializing in romantic relationships through my tarot reads. I count on my tarot cards, oracle cards, and divine guides to navigate me through the situation and pull out resolutions, guidance, and hidden truths for my clients. I have been helping clients dealing with relationships for several years now and am able to offer them the clarity and truth in the situation that can be a bit hard to see otherwise. I offer reading via email and chat; I deliver honestly directly and with much detail.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been reading (through tarot) on romantic partnerships for over 10 years now. I am a self taught reader; initially relying on books and traditional card meaning. I now read with a combination of traditional interpretation, intuitive reading, and with psychic insight through working with my guides and angels. I have helped many people regain hope and faith in love even when things seem dim. Love is here for all of us if you look and I will show you where to find it first (within your own self and in the life you create.) I answer all of your questions with the truth in the cards and will not hold back the truth from clients so please be open.


Usui Reiki Master and Teacher