About My Services

Through your questions I can make a connection to your energy and reveal to you if you have met your soulmate find out what lies ahead. Through a soulmate psychic reading new light can be shed on situations that have left you lost and confused. I can give you advice and can offer you solutions that are available to help you through difficult times. I can explain to you the way things are and if needed what can be done to help you change them. Allow me to turn all your questions into answers.

Experience & Qualifications

As a child I knew things, but I didn’t understand why. I knew I was different and as I got older I begin to trust and rely on my intuitive abilities and they have continued to grow naturally over time. The past decade I’ve been using my psychic abilities professionally and have continued to develop my talent through study and meditation. Thousands have sought out my psychic guidance and powerful insights to enrich their careers and personal lives.


Born gifted 5 Generation psychic Attended Berkeley Psychic Institute