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About My Services

Welcome! My name is Danielle and I am a natural born clairaudient and clairvoyant. Being a primary Clairaudient, I hear messages and information from spirit guides pertaining to your unique situation and then transmitting that info back to you.

I am a very honest reader and will never sugarcoat. I am that straightforward, so I apologise for anything that I will say that might upset or anger you, but I firmly believe that the truth will set you free and we all must be ready and willing to be brave to accept the truth , so that we can finally move forward in life. I only need your first name and specific questions to do a reading. Please DO NOT ever give me dobs or star signs. I am not an astrologer and dobs usually ruin the purity of info coming through. Please do not give them to me. So, take a deep breath and call me for a reading. Let's finally get right down to answer some of your most burning questions

Experience & Qualifications

Though I am a natural born clairaudient, I wanted to study more about spirituality. So I went to Arthur Findlay school in England in 2008 and I took the courses Trance Mediumship III, Journey of the soul and Mediumship and Prophecy.