About My Services

Allow me to tap into the energy that is flowing in your life. Are you making the most out of your soulmate relationship? Or are you allowing blocks and old hurts to cause you to resist? Are those blocks so strong that you have blocked your soulmate from showing up in your life entirely? Let's explore living with a more open heart to bring your romantic life to it's full potential. Let's expand your current soulmate connection or clear those blocks that put up a wall to shut them out and delay their arrival. Let's see where you are in your process to create your beautiful romance and let's move you further along. Let's chat! :)

Experience & Qualifications

I have an Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences. My journey in life so far includes consultant work, film work, television work, music work, art work, 12 step work, and The Work. My introduction to the Divine started with religious school and church. More recently I have enhanced my Divine connection with the study and practice of Science of Mind, Law of Attraction, Feng Shui, & Meditation. I live with a feral feline and I manage a feral cat colony. I am an ethical vegetarian. Let's chat! :)


Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences