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Soulmate Connections



Your Honest n Caring Psychic Friend. Completed 6 yrs. on Kasamba with over 10k reviews. Sheer focus to help with straight & accurate readings. Love& Peace - Rani. Other Specialties  
About My Services

It is a pleasure to serve to you with the blessing passed through my ancestors. Having such Gift is more of a responsibility for me rather than the way of living. I take my work with serious consideration because of the deep emotions involved.

When you connect I take a moment to connect - In which I try to go through your energy to see and feel what is going on in your life. My top priority is to help the maximum I can by showing the right path. I truly honor and respect all spiritual paths seekers. I want to assure you that you will get 100% truth and honesty.

I find my Specialty in matters of the heart, but I can also help in matter of Career, finance, dreams and Health. Please do not try to be judgmental, the more specific the question will be the more specific the answers you will be able to get as well. I really don’t like keeping session on by saying unrelated. So please try to come with an open mind.

Experience & Qualifications

I have practiced over twenty Six years and completed 6 yrs Kasamaba as well. I first discovered my Gift with the guidance of my grandmother “Lt. Sh. Asha Rani” at the age of 10. She thought me how to use my gift and guided me over the years. Unfortunately she is not living but I believe she is always there with me as my spiritual guide.

From the age of 10-18 I was more of using or practicing my abilities by helping friends and families. With the appreciation I received I established an Spiritual Kendra here near my Living place and took this professionally. From the age of 20 onwards I am continuing working with a firm believe and willingness to help people.


Natural Born 4th Generation Psychic.