Sascha White Owl

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Soulmate Connections



** NEW on Kasamba ** Hi! I love helping people connect with their soulmate, I believe that everybody has a soulmate and it's our destiny to meet that person, I can help you with attracting your soulmate or work on your relationship with your current soulmate. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Soulmates are people that we align ourselves with while we are here living this life. They are deep, far back connections from other lifetimes. We feel we have met them before and have known them in spirit, we travel with them from this life to the next. We are always learning with our soulmate which means it's sometimes not always easy to see eye to eye as we are here to grow with them. Yet, we share our greatest moments with our soulmates, they are our family forever and eternally we walk this journey with them. I can help you with connecting to your soulmate, whether you haven't met them in this life yet, are about to, are already with them or even if they are on the other side. My aim is to give every client a highly accurate reading. I take great pride in tuning into the correct guidance for each person I give a reading to by connecting with my guides and guardian angels along with the client’s guides and guardian angels and any crossed over loved ones that may wish to connect with the client during a reading. I also have strong animal totem intuition which means I can connect with the animal spirit kingdom and pass on messages from animal guides. I take great pleasure in leaving my clients with a strong feeling of clarity, purpose, spiritual healing, inspiration and re-assurance.

Experience & Qualifications

• Empath • Clairvoyance • Clairsentience • Lightworker • Spiritual Healing • Clairaudience • Channeling • Mediumship • Tarot • Past Lives I am equipped and skilled with thirty-five different oracle/tarot card decks. The main deck I use is my ‘Animal Tarot’ which allows me to look into the past, present and future for the client. For further accuracy I accompany my readings with Angel answers along with ‘Psychic Soul Oracle Cards’ which tap into varying types of crystals. Depending on the type of reading the client is seeking, I may look into past lives or other types of oracle cards from archangels or elementals such as animals, fairies, unicorns or ancient gods and goddesses. I have the gift of being able to hear what spirit is trying to communicate to people and as a shaman I am able to pass on the messages that the client needs to hear. I absolutely love doing this, I feel it is my calling to be a healer in this way. I am able to connect with people without judgement and always strive to pass on the highest amount of love, integrity and white light during all of my readings.


2018 HONOURS ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Honours degree in performing arts and psychoanalysis. The thesis I wrote specialized in Carl Jung’s shadow theory and the spiritual exploration of the male and female psyche through performance and theory. 2016 BACHELOR OF ARTS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Coursework included English, Drama, Australian Indigenous studies, Shamanism and various spiritual studies such as Chinese animal symbols, Japanese Kabuki and Noh theatre and Greek mythology through performance and theory. 2007 CERTIFICATE III IN FITNESS AND HEALTH, FITNESS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA This course taught the ins-and-outs of exercise instruction and programming, while studying anatomy, physiology, and healthy, nutritional guidelines. Importantly, this training taught the significance of mentoring, counselling and support while clients enter mental and physical challenges during intense fitness and health transformations.