About My Services

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I want you to know more about my services so you can be comfortable in your decision to hire me as your reader. The first 3 minutes are used for introductions only. My average reading takes 20 minutes. At least have 5 minutes of paid time if you can only be on a short amount of time. I offer 2 free messages after your reading to offer clarifications, if you need it. If you have an unrelated question on another person or completely different area of your life you will need to purchase another reading. The more specific in your question the more specific your answer will be. Do NOT ask any question unless you are prepared to hear the answer good or bad. When you write me tell me your name, dob, and those of all involved in the situation. Photos and where you are geographically are helpful too. Let me know if you want an email reading or live reading. My email readings are detailed and long. I do a full Celtic Cross. I can include a Quick Check spread on a specific person that shows what they feel, think, their viewpoint and their true intention. I go into detail that is not possible in a live reading. I ask for 24 hours from hire to complete an email reading. Please take the time to rate my service at the end of the reading. Don't rate me based on what you wanted to hear as opposed to what the cards tell you. I'm extremely honest in telling what I see. Know I'll tell you the truth in the most compassionate way possible. I'm in EST and mostly available in the evenings. If you let me know you need a reading, I can come into chat just for you.

Experience & Qualifications

The tarot is a tool. Using it we can shed light on the present, learn from the past so we don't get stuck in it, predict the future so we can be prepared to accept new opportunities and to avoid danger. In all forms of divination what readers are doing is predicting the most probable outcome of a situation. Your own powerful actions can change the outcome. Not everything written is carved in stone. I don't like giving timelines because they create anxiety in clients. Timelines are tricky as time is fluid and the way time is measured is a man-made concept. All that being said the majority of my predictions do come to pass. I've a high accuracy rate. Disclaimer: I'm not a replacement for the qualified counsel of doctors, mental health professionals or financial advisers. I have to say legally that readings are for "Entertainment Purposes only". If you feel like hurting yourself or others don't as no one or no situation is worth doing that. In the USA call 988. By clicking hire you fully agree and understand this disclaimer.


I've over 30 years' experience reading the cards. I'm naturally intuitive. I've been able to perceive and sense what others can't my whole life. I grew up in New Orleans, La. in a spiritual environment.