About My Services

Hello my name is Leeanna,The Love Advisor BLESSINGS to you and Wellcome to my profile. The Love Advisor is here to help you.Reunites Lovers in 1 session! Are you looking for Life & Love answers? Well I have the solution to solve My psychic abilities have helped many in the past, I make bold strong predictions & stand by them. Having a background as a PSYCHIC LOVE AVDISOR, I can calm the worst anxiety within minutes. I listen very carefully to the question asked as I visualize the situation. I give the you the client specific detailed information which you can use as a tool to your advantage. I have been psychically gifted since I can remember. I feel compelled to share my gift and help others. I have predicted many events and given Psychic readings for many years now. I use my ability with compassion and with the aim of guiding others. My goal is to assist you in your life journey & empower you with Spiritual insights

Experience & Qualifications

GOD GIFTED Psychic,blessed ADVISOR


My clients are diverse and varied, from international personalities, business, entertainment & media professionalsSingle parents, House wifes,Students, psychologists to regular people next door. I recognize the commonality of spiritual yearning, for true answers, that binds them together as one universal soul.. I can and will help you to overcome the obstacles life has thrown at you and your love one. With my help I will guide you to the right path to achieving your aims* desires*wishes and dreams in your life or relationship. With only a session away you will receive piece of mind and answers to all your questions and problems no matter what they are. Loneliness is a thing of the past. I can guide you in a positive path in all directions of life.. *~* READINGS DONE BY Leeanna Page*~* I will give you EXACT DATES & TIME FRAMES~ I Can and Will reunite any lost love *Tarot Card & Full Life Readings* *PSYCHIC READINGS* *PALM & CRYSTAL* *LOVE READINGS* CHAKRA CLEARING & AURA CLEANSING SPIRITUAL MEDIATION SESSIONS AVAILABLE Remote Visualization using Clairvoyance by holding a picture are a item in hand.