About My Services

Is Love a Problem? Looking for answers without judgement?

I can help you, Is love a reality?

The New love in your life. Whether your love is going to be there for you in long term or not? Happy and successful relationships are based on understanding - of yourself, your partner and how you relate.

Relationship Advice for Creating More Love, Joy, Passion, and Intimacy than you thought possible.


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Experience & Qualifications

I have had 12 years experience in this field and understanding the depth of every phase of life in relationships.


  • Bachelors of Engineering
  • MBA (Masters in Business Administration)
  • Counselling Level 4 Diploma -Cambridge
  • Certified Vedic Astrologer Level 1 and Level 2
  • Certified Numerologist - AMANF
  • Diploma in Professional Spiritual Healing - BSYA
  • Diploma in Professional Stress Consultancy - MASC