About My Services

I was born with my Psychic gifts and abilities. Sensitive, intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic. Through the use of tarot I became in touch with my psychic abilities at a very young age and have been helping people now for over 25 years professionally. I love my clients and they are important to me. If it wasn't for the positive feedback that I get I wouldn't be doing this. I get great joy out of helping people and knowing that I'm making a difference in there lives for the better. I like to share with people ways they can tap into there own psychic ability as I believe we all have this gift and we can in fact use more then 10% of our brain. Tarot for me has helped to remove that block and allowed me to tap into and embrace my God given gifts. I am so blessed and honored to be here at Kasamba to help you today!

Experience & Qualifications

Blessed with my God given gift to pick up on individuals energetic vibration, I sense things before they happen. I see aura's. It's through my God given gifts, guides, tarot and meditation that I am able to tap into this gift of psychic ability. I've sensed the passing of many people who suddenly out of the blue had fatal accidents. Most recently I shared with a loved one where and when an earthquake would occur and within a week it did. I keep up my ability with studying all things metaphysical and meditate daily.