About My Services

Astral projection describes an intentional out of body experience in which you are able to create the perception that you can separate an internal conscious part of your soul separate to your physical body which is capable of travelling outside of your body, and according to some, throughout the universe. My psychic abilities commenced with having out of body experiences when I was very young unexpectedly and then at this stage of my life, the out of body experience via mediation and via guided meditation. These are my experiences of what can now be termed as astral projection. It is my belief that astral projection is induced through various hypnotic and self-hypnotic means and via various hallucinogenic means. Astral is associated with dreams, and forms of meditation. I am able to provide you with the following service: • Lessons on how to meditate / guided self-hypnosis / astral projection to achieve the out of body experience; • Guidance on interpreting the images, colours, messages, feelings and anything else you experience during that process. Deep meditation and ‘astral projection’ is uplifting and powerful. It can help you focus on decluttering your mind and also your life. At times, the experiences can be and feel overwhelming. I can provide you with the guidance you need to learn how best to deeply meditate.

Experience & Qualifications

Thank you for visiting my profile. I have worked in the field of spirituality for over 10 years and during this time have helped many individuals through difficult situations arising in their lives. Let me guide you to find the best outcome to any problem or situation that you need answers to or guidance. It is important to remember that we are born with the important instinct of free will. This gives us the ability to learn things for ourselves from our own mistakes and also to make our own decisions in life. My advice comes from years of professional experience as well as from personal ones. My psychic ability is hereditary and significantly developed.