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Crystal Healing



Have you ever felt a connection to someone you were hitting on. Someone you’ve never yet you could just feel exactly the right things to do..It’s no fluke it’s all about the e Other Specialties  
About My Services

Do you need partners intentions? Are you thinking and need future advice? Do you need answers that you cant ask for? Let me assist you in your life future!I am fast and honest. I will tell what I see and translate to you

Experience & Qualifications

Being a born planner, I see into the future and am directed via my guides to just the right direction my client needs to take. I have a sense of duty, which makes me a reliable worker. I bring diligence and orderly procedures to my readings; giving it a logical balance, my methodical approach solves many problems without undue stress. I have significant experience in doing psychic reports that help people to move forward onto their next stage of development in love, work, family, manifestation etc. That skill is what I bring forward in my readings for my clients.


I have been able to see Grandfather Spirits since the age of two and could bi-locate (literally be in two places at once) by the age of fourteen. I didn’t know those things were special. I thought everyone could do it! And you know, I was right. The classes I teach around the United States are based on this