About My Services

Are you going through a big transition in your life? Do you need extra help finding your voice and understanding the challenges life is throwing at you? You may need a psychic coach! The benefit to working with a psychic life coach is that we can create sessions that are a hybrid of reading and active spiritual work. We look into clarifications and context of what is happening in your present, and then create a tangible action plan to move forward. In this context, I'm happy to schedule regular sessions to keep you consistent and building momentum in your own spiritual growth. I do not provide mediumship, general readings, third-party readings, or time-frames. If you are ready to deeply understand your love story, and connections, and gain clarity on the next steps - a reading with me is for you!

Experience & Qualifications

My journey as a reader began over 10 years about when I met an intense soul connection! In the beginning, I couldn’t understand why things I felt (clairsentience) or knew (claircognizance) were not lining up with my daily experiences, and I got REALLY addicted to receiving readings. After committing to my spiritual practice and learning how to trust my natural abilities I began to give back by reading for others. Now, thousands of readings later, I specialize in giving readings that dive beyond “what”/“when” to explaining the “how”/“why” and helping clients truly understand how their own energy, thoughts, and actions impact their connections!


Certified Life Coach, Spirituality Educator, Master of intuitive-based psychic gifts (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance)