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Providing you insights to Enlighten & Empower you to find the strength and convinction to move from your darkness into the light. Other Specialties  
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****FREE ONGOING SUPPORT**Whenever you may feel discouraged, at a loss, despondent and feel a sense of lack and limitation in your life, it's difficult to master the strength and will to see a positive way forward. I can assist by giving you insights on how to rise above the challenges you're facing and empower and enlighten you in finding and reclaiming your personal power and Self mastery to find fulfillment in your life. Furthermore, I can assist you on how to start getting the results and success on whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. Your problems are there for a reason. There's a forward to overcome ANY setback..Your setback can be setting you up to realize your greatest life purpose AND achievement.. *****FREE*****Ongoing updates and support offered.

Experience & Qualifications

* Eastern Astrology, * Tarot * Numerology, * Dream Analysis, * Holistic Therapist * Light Energy Worker, * Distance Healing, * Life Coach. * Meditation, * Holistic and Herbal Health*


*PhD Metaphysical Science and Counseling, *Ordained Member of Metaphysics Ministry * Esoteric Psychology, * Spiritual and Esoteric Consultations. *Palmistry *Past Life Therapist*