About My Services

 I do not believe in coincidences and if you happen to be reading this I doubt you do either. 

I have a deep love for the Tarot and learned the meaning of the cards throughout 
Ever since I was a little girl I was drawn to the Tarot. I collected decks and books and read for friends and family. I have countless tarot journals and have kept at the practice for years.
Then one day, after getting laid off from my full time job teaching. This was my third lay off in 2 years! I went home and asked "Why?! Why again?" I heard a voice. It said, "You are meant for other things."
I've been an artist all my life. I've illustrated children's books, have my own line of work and sell paintings and prints on my website. 
But I knew I was meant for more than just my art. 
I sat and connected with my spirit guide. A special friend who has been a guide to me for years now.. and I was hinted towards the Tarot.
I picked up my deck, and like a flood of information, I knew what each card meant. I knew the deck better than ever and wasn't afraid to read. There were no stutters in my speech, and no fumbling through books to find the meaning of the card I saw. 
Instead I see flashes of pictures, stories, messages. 
Experience & Qualifications

I am an experienced tarot card reader and intuitive healer. I've read and studied Tarot for many years. My readings are a combination of Tarot, Intuition, Messages I receive from my guide and a bit of Astrology. When we start chatting I will often ask for your birthday and name to assist in the readings. Once we start chatting, I will connect with my guide, and your guides to help answer your questions and give you the messages that you need to hear.

I often use the Celtic Tarot Spread for deep and thorough answers. This is a very popular reading that goes a bit into your past, present and future as well as your subconscious. I understand some are in a time crunch, especially if you are paying by the minute. If that's the case, I will pull a spread meant just for you. This will usually be a 6 card spread, until all of your questions are answered. I will connect with you, I will tell you what you genuinely need to know, what is really happening now in the present and what will happen soon in your near future.

I am an empath, this means I can feel and take on energy and emotions from others. This comes in handy during sessions and readings. Empathic people are also known to take on the energy and feelings of others so they can better relate to one another. I am also a light and energy worker. I am aware of, and work with the different frequencies and energies that come from other dimensions, and beyond the veil. These energies are used for clearing, healing, and cleansing. Always for the greater good. I am also clairvoyant, this is a French word that means "Clear Vision." This means that I have the ability to see of gain information about an object, person or sometimes even location. Along with empathy this can come in handy during readings and sessions. Third Eye visions will often come to me during our session or reading. If this is the case I will share them with you and inform you.

I have been reading Tarot for many years. I will choose a spread catered just for you and your situation. I will also walk you through the story in each card. If you ask for a general reading I will pull what is called the Celtic Cross Spread. This spread goes into great detail about your past, present, future as well as subconscious and conscious thoughts. This is a great and thorough spread and always helps to answer questions.

I also have a connection with my Spirit Guide. My Spirit Guide is someone I converse with daily. I receive feelings, advice, and sometimes visions from my guide. Often times during our session, I will ask him to help me connect with you and your guides for a better session.


I have studied and read Tarot for many years. I'm a proficient card reader with both knowledge and intuition of the cards and their meanings.

I have studied Palmistry, Astrology, Tarot, Herbology, Animal Communication, Mediumship and bit in Numerology. I am an Empath, Energy Worker and Clairvoyant.