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New Age Spirituality


** NEW on Kasamba ** New Age Spirituality is is a synthesis of Eastern and Western spirituality that combines the best of both worlds to create harmony in your life. What is the right path for you? Other Specialties  
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This is a new age of spirituality, many are leaving the faiths and religions of their parents and families for something that feels right for them. I am an Indigo and this is something I hold dear to my heart. Striking out on your own path isn't easy and there is so much information available that it is easy to get lost along the way. I use the Hermetic Kabbalah as my scaffolding upon which I clothe it with the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired over the decades of my studies. I blend the spiritual principals, practices and meditations of the east and west, shamanism and ritual magick in my everyday life. If you are feeling lost and would like help finding your own path, I would love to advise you!

Experience & Qualifications

I am a Wiccan priest,Druidic Shaman, Hebrew and Hermetic Kabbalist, Born Intuitive Empath, Ceremonial and ritual Magician as well as an avid reader of all thing spiritual, astrological and philosophical.


Wiccan Priest, Kabbalah Practitioner