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I am an empath with 20+ years of experience in healing, astrology analysis and tarot readings. I am the type who can relate to your emotional pain and connect with your situation right away. Other Specialties  
About My Services

My reading style is a mixture of honesty and compassion. Using my abilities, I will show you how to change circumstances surrounding you by adjusting your mindset and channeling your thoughts in a positive direction. I also use planet/star positions to do a deep personality analysis for you or anyone you wish to understand better. Once you understand your birth chart and know the real you, nothing will be impossible. Believe me, you can be unstoppable, you just need to peel that exterior layer and understand the real you. I specialize in love, career, finances, family matters and casual day-to-day encounters. I also specialize Chakra balance. The 7 Chakras are a whole different world. I will teach you the right affirmation for each Chakra and show you how to take advantage of the energy surrounding you. Important Note: This is a safe space, all readings are 100% confidential. I have zero judgement, you can ask me anything.

Experience & Qualifications

With more than two decades of experience, I have helped so many people divert negative energy from their lives and transform it into positive energy. I have also helped many people strengthen their relationships, find their soulmates, make the right career decision and handle sensitive matters gently. And remember, my space is your safe space.


Naturally blessed since birth with 20+ years of practical experience