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Hello, my name is Jade I am a Born gifted clairvoyant and empath with over 10 + years of Professional experience l use my gift to lead and guide people in the right direction. I have helped many people to follow their dreams and manifest their goals into reality while helping them to gain further courage and strength into their lives. I will provide a space where the focus is fully on you. Your life, your dreams, your goals, your struggles, and your concerns. I will listen without judgment I will Provides Straight Facts and steps you need personally to help you on your path to discover Higher knowledge. Being an empath and clairvoyant I have the ability to fully tap into my clients energy as well as other peoples energy around them! All I need is names and date of birth! Get attune with your current energies, and synchronize your soul-level desires to the actions and intentions. My Tarot readings are enlightening and filled with intuitive wisdom my natural born abilities allow me to Fully tap into my clients Aura and energy receiving messages and visions directly from my guide spirits and angelic guides shining light into the unknown of the Past - present - future - Love and soul mates

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TOP RATED 5 STAR PSYCHIC ONLINE FOR OVER 10+ YEARS 10 plus Years of professional experience Natural born Empath , Clairvoyant , Star-child Astrologist tarot and oracle cards twin flame specialist dream analyst


Bachelors Metaphysical Degree TOP RATED PSYCHIC