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I am a psychic led by lord shiva and have helped numerous clients on their journey. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Hi I am a clairvoyant and intuitive and hail from a family of brahmin hindu pandits and I am guided by lord shiva to give you the best direction on your present situation. I go in depth to provide answers that you need for your journey by using my psychic gifts as well as tarot cards, angel cards and runes. I do not give advice on pets legal matters heath issues pregnancy gambling divorce mediumship

Experience & Qualifications

I come with over 12 years of experience hold certificates in tarot numerology moksha pattam unicorn healing elemental healing angel healing I have successfully guided and directed thousands of clients towards their calling and path providing them the insights they need to move ahead and build better lives. I have also conducted healings and workshops I have a vast knowledge of crystal therapy. I provide crystal remedies to heal my clients.


certified in tarot, elemental and unicorn healing, angel healings.