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***NEW ON KASAMBA*** Fast Typist, reliable, extremely talented, 4th generation psychic here on kasamba now. My readings are a blend of scientific, spirituality, and experience. I assure you the best reading you ever had without sugar coating. Other Specialties  
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With a real-time, experience of more than a decade, I am glad to introduce myself. I am a natural-born psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, Chakra Master, and Reiki Master. I work with tarot cards, astrology, and spirit guides to ensure the most accurate, honest, and detailed readings. Working as a professional psychic counselor in person and in other mediums of communication. I am a positive and inspirational holistic healing expert focused on helping others find balance and inner peace through lifelong physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. I use my spiritual and psychic abilities to solve love and relationship issues like breaking up and divorce, marital Issues, single and dating, money, and career aspects for the future. I have a very deep psychic vision and I can feel things through vibrations too. My spiritual journey began when I was just eight years old and just with my intuition, I used to understand people very well. The divine gift given by the universe is truly amazing and I will be happier to use it for the benefit of others too. I have given consultations to many people and they all are happy in their life.

Experience & Qualifications

Broad experience in assisting individuals with my clairvoyant abilities for many years. A favourite psychic to many in all walks of life who gives definite examination and True image of Your life.I am an intuitive energy reader born with real psychic abilities and energy healing. I came to know about my intuitive abilities when I was 14 and since then I got the opportunity to help hundreds of people from across the globe. I have over 10 years of professional experience as a Psychic Advisor. I use Clairvoyance and Spirit Guides to get an insight into situations. I specialize in Love & Relationships, marital circumstances, work-life, careers, soulmate/twin flame reading, and healing procedures. I also use Tarot cards for reading.


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