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Want to have numerology reading or want to understand how the power of numbers can work for you.Definately changes your luck and whhat is destined by simple numerology. Other Specialties  
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NAMASTE I am an indian psychic and vedic astrologer .I had served thousands of peoples in this area to help them with their relationships,career and money.How to get your love back in your life after a break up.I can remove all the negativities and bring good things back into your life.

Experience & Qualifications

I am practising in this field for last 10 years with my knowledge as a psychic and astrolger. I even use the indian system of vedic astrology to know the planetary position at the time of birth to be more closer to accuracy.Even i have my own psychic abilities to go deep in this to look what holds in the future for you.


Born Psychic. Blessed with the abilites from my ancestors. I am a natural born Psychic reader and I have vast experience in Indian, Chinese, Vedic Astrology. I meditate and use the help of spirits and holy water. I strongly believe in the Spirituality and power behind the Tarot Cards and most important of all I believe in God almighty. I can remove all negative energy and bring good things back into your life. I can guide you spiritually and give you advice related to Marraige, Love, Relationships etc as I have the Psychic ability to guide you, to love, peace and happiness. I have mended many broken relationships and marriages. I have never left anyone puzzled or confused after having a simple reading with me.