About My Services

My name is Master Advisor Matthew.....I have been helping people with my psychic ability for over thirty years......I am a non-judgmental adviser open to help people of all kinds from all over the world...... Please allow my well rounded experience to help you find balance and closure to all areas of your life......

Experience & Qualifications

I was the main lead spiritual advisor to several nationally syndicated psychic TV shows across the country as well as a head broadcast "Medium" to international radio stations.....I am a Board Certified Psychic and Clinician and have given over fifteen conferences in three different continents since 1994. ....Having the privilege of working with high profile and celebrity clients, I am now here to share my gift and ability with you.......When You Just Need to Know.....I'm Here..


I have a Dual Master's Degree in Spirituality and Divinity. I am qualified as a Dedicated Relationship Psychic Advisor through decades of training and coaching domestically and abroad.