About My Services

Numerology expert. Numerology is an excellent subject to deal with numbers which are the digital reflection for all our queries and curiosities.... Excellent and fruitful method to turn dark into light. Also in case if birth time is not available, Numerology works like statistics without the available data support for trigonometry!!! Since my childhood I like playing with the numbers as it occupies a very small space for whatever be the mass / volume and specifies to a limit. It actually became more interesting since 2004 when I learned Numerology and started making successful innumerable predictions..... Most people likes me since I am upfront and speaks out the truth ,,, to me which actually makes sense as I don't like sugar coating and spending worthless time on a truthful project.

Experience & Qualifications

18 years experience in Numerology, Astrology, Psychic Reading, Palm Reading, Tarot Reading etc Astrology, numerology, tarot and psychic healer. Truth is my instinct and client satisfaction is my passion. DONT LIKE SUGAR COATING.


Jyotish Samrat. KP Maharshi.