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About My Services

My heritage is mixed with Gypsy blood, and special powers run in my family for generations. I've had psychic abilities since I was a child, and my gypsy grandmother, to whom was I very attached, taught me a lot and helped me develop my powers.

The Gypsies, who call themselves Rom or Romany, are a nomadic culture which originated in India during the Middle Ages. They migrated widely, particularly to Europe, where they worked as farm laborers, metalworkers, scrap dealers, and horse traders. They also made a living as entertainers, fortune tellers, and grafters. Persecuted by the Nazis, and discriminated against to this day, the Rom have a long tradition of magic and shamanism.

I am a Master Psychic Tarot Card Reader, extremely detailed and have amazed many with my detailed readings and channeled messages.
My readings also include messages from higher powers (spirits), and my supernatural powers allow me to send you very strong healing or assisting energies - whatever is needed as is revealed by the cards.
My on-line chat sessions allow you a few minutes free, during which time I tune-in to you and also receive from you the necessary details for my reading and channeling.
The spiritual guides reply to questions or give messages, which are important and valuable for your life in general, and of course to your specific situation. They do not just give predications.


A psychic reading or a channeled session is an interaction between you and me.
Please do not try to test me by withholding information. It makes the experience unnecessarily difficult and stressful.
Before our session take time to relax. Write down what you want to get from the session. Writing down will help you concentrate your thoughts.
Try not to ask yes/no question. These questions tend to limit the flow of the reading.
If there are some general areas you want to focus on: relationship, career, health, etc. please let me know clearly.
Validate me please. If I say things that make sense, make sure to tell me. This helps me to continue on the right track.
If you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask. Sometimes the messages come out unclear.
Sessions should be intended to focus on you. Besides receiving the information you need, look at it also as a healing session, helping you to let go of old hurts and embrace new plans for the future.

And - the most important thing - Enjoy yourself!

Kindly note: If I don't reply to your call immediately, please wait or try again in a few minutes.

P.S. as you can see, I am also a certified psychotherapist and certified in various alternative therapies. My urge to study various therapeutic techniques was due to my desire to have as many tools as possible to help people in distress.

Experience & Qualifications

My experience is over 25 years long, including personal sessions and support group leader.

I am the author of the book "To Heal a Wounded Heart" (not yet in English), which has a lot of success and helped many people in distress.

In my country I was on TV a few times, with many articles about my powers appearing in various newspapers and I was also a guest on various radio talk shows.


Certified psychotherapist and certified therapist in various alternative thechniques including color therapy (view further details in the other spiritual section) * expert in: Reiki, Feng-Shui, I-ching, Universal Energy