About My Services

Are you afraid? Are you having trouble functioning, sleeping and are always watching over your shoulder? Do you see your life falling apart? Your lover is leaving, everything is going wrong in your life? Do you fear that someone has put a hex, spell or has cursed you? Whatever it is, come to me. I have survived it all and have experienced every possible attack that you can imagine and am still standing. Come under the umbrella of my protection and fear no more. Freedom is within reach. It starts here and now.

Experience & Qualifications

My spiritual quest began at a very young age. I have been seeking, learning and experiencing everything that I could as fast and deeply as I can. I broke through the lower levels of reality and haven't looked back. My abilities are unparalleled. I specialize in breaking bad spells, no matter what they are and from whom. There are rituals that you can use at home that will empower, free you and bring you perfect peace. Let me help you discover your power within as we climb the mountain before.


Master Shaman, Orisha/Santeria/Voodoo/Hoodoo experienced. High priest. Direct line of communication to all of the Arch Angels. Divinely connected with GOD.