About My Services

"Magick is the science and the art of creating change in conformity with will." -A.C. I am a ritual and ceremonial magician and work with spells that help transform the individuals consciousness and spiritual vibration. My spells will help you attract what you want and repel what you don't want so long as it is accord with the laws of the universe. You are required to take part in these works as you are the link through which the spirit will manifest.I will create short but specific and individual spells based on your needs. Please note that I will not create spells to harm anyone, although I will help you bind and remove negative people. I will not create a spell that will help you get a specific person or break up a relationship, although I will create a spell that will bring love into your life. The same goes for prosperity, career and self improvement.

Experience & Qualifications

I am an Initiated Wiccan Priest, Druid and Kabbalist. I also follow and practice the Golden Dawn and Crowley systems of Ritual and Ceremonial Magick. I have been following and teaching the paths of both High and Low Magick for over 25 years.