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Spell Casting


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When we align ourselves with the cycles and rhythms of the universe, we can make magic happen in our lives and have some control over our destinies. Other Specialties  
About My Services

As I grow and stay connected to my spirituality, I have become more in tune with my Witch blood and the subtle energies of nature and the divine within. Please realize that we can manifest our reality to a point when we connect to the Gods founds in nature, seasons, planets, and animal spirits. By understanding how the natural world is aligned with the magical world, whether by correspondences, associated deities, herbs, colours, the four elements or the heavenly bodies, we can cast magic that works with the cycles of nature to shape the future. In this service, we will work through your desire and what you wish to accomplish. We will first discuss the laws of Karma and Free will, your intention for the appetite, and whether the spell can be done. Once I have your desire and positive intention, I can give you the tools necessary to cast a spell to help you create your vision. I will not fully cast the spell for you. It is up to you to follow my instructions to do your ritual, as this is natural law. But I will help enhance these energies in the background. Looking forward to spelling with you :) **I do not participate in Black Magic or any ill intent to cause another harm. **

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked as a professional psychic for over five years. I have experience with Tools of Divination for over eight years. I discovered my gift when I was around four years old. I had a hallucination that was the most powerful vision of my life that impacted my imagination and view of the world and what is possible tremendously. I am constantly learning and developing my gifts as I separate myself from limiting ideals and beliefs engraved by my traditional upbringing. With my experience in Reiki Healing and meditation, I can often create a soothing and powerful experience for myself and my clients, channeling them when needed. I enjoy witchcraft and rituals that enhance nature's magic and create a positive and uplifting environment for myself and others. **I do NOT participate in Black Magic :)


Tarot Divination Diploma, Astrology Diploma, Reiki 1 and 2 Certified, Cognitive Support Specialist, Bachelors of Science in Integrated Science, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer.