About My Services

My spell and ritual work is unlike anything that you have experienced. I can break negative energies and enhance the energies around you to facilitate things for you to happen.

I use no tools but my guide who is there with me to answer your questions.
He will open the doorway to Clarity. In this clarity I will be able to empower you like you have never been before. Each moment of your past, present and future will be shown to me, and with this great insight I can bring you new possibilities, with the choices you make. And the best choices you make in life, is based on the knowledge you get TODAY.

I will work with you to obtain spiritual principles that hold true forever, that transcends the human constructs and represents the pure light.

As I focus on that pure light of energy, I will be connected in an instant to my guide who will answer your question in an intelligent manner.

My readings are filled with light, love and purity and it is done to heal and help you to transcend to a better path.where you're at, then gently guides you toward your highest potential.

The healing takes place both in the session and beyond, as you re-align your consciousness and energies towards positive growth.

Experience & Qualifications

As a trained counselor and devotee of Hinduism, in the last 20 years I have been working with my clients to help them in many areas of spirituality, enlightenment and empowering them to make the best choices for them

I am a seer, a spiritual healer and an energy reader. I literally sense the energy that is around you and those you are you care about. Then my guide then shares information with me about you and them.

My readings are subtle, but they are powerful. You will be left feeling healed, enlightened and uplifted with new choices for your life.



Born into a family of gifted Pundits
Energy Healer
Life Counselor

I am a Clairvoyant Counselor who focus on Eastern mysticism and spirituality to get answers from the spiritual realm.