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Palm Reading


Through chiromancy, I will tell you the truth about everything you need to know. Whether it's your heart, mental state or fate, the answer is literally there on your palm. Other Specialties  
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I have been practicing Palmistry for the last 10 years. Most people think that both their hands are identical. And yes, they may be similar, the lines may look the same, but they are not identical, each small line has a meaning. The length and thickness of each line make a difference. There is an old school generation and new school one for Palmistry, they both have different reading styles, but one thing they both agree on is "Your Palm can Never Lie to You" Each hand can answer certain questions. There are things you are born with and things that change with time, everything is there on your palm Palmistry is the type of reading that will make you walk away shocked. You will be surprised that you didn't really know yourself that well before. Whether your question is about love, family, career, mental state or fate, I will read your palm and help you understand where you stand in your life and how things will go in the future The lines on your hands don't lie, and I can't give you anything else other than the truth I see on your palm. After my reading, you will wish you had come to me earlier and learnt all these things before.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been practicing Palmistry since 2009 and I have to admit people don't often give it the credit it deserves. People who chose this type of reading with me told me that they would have never imagined that the answer was right there on their palm. Literally!!


Officially Certified by Kasamba in Palm Reading. In addition, I have more than 10 years of experience in Palmistry