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Palm Reading



I use the physical features of each line on your hand to analyze your personality characteristics and predict your future. Other Specialties  
About My Services

When I read your palm, I will look at both hands. YES! both hands, though the lines may be similar but if you look closely you will notice minor differences. These minor difference actually make a huge difference. I use two features to describe your personality: 1. The Shape of your hand. 2. The lines on your hand. Through chiromancy, I will tell you about your family background, your work / life status, your physical state and your fate. You will shocked that you didnt really know yourself that well before this. Each hand can answer different questions. So no matter what question you have, please ask! and NEVER be shy, your questions are important and my answers will be honest.

Experience & Qualifications

With 15+ years of experience in Palmistry, I was able to help and guide many people to the right path. Reading and understanding the lines on their hands helped many make better decisions, discover hidden spots, boost confidence and empower self-esteem.


Palmistry experience for the last 15 years. I am also Certified by Kasamba in Palm Reading