Oracle Ella

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Palm Reading



Lines on your palm are a great source to understand your past, present, and future. I am a certified professional palm reader. I can read and decode what the lines on your palm mean to you and how your life can be balanced or improved by understanding the same. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I use a combination of my natural-born gift, tarot cards, and my 7 spirit guides this allow me to provide detailed information from past, present, future. I qualify in multiple categories such as love, career, medium, tarot, dreams, numerology and ancient mystic astrology. I welcome the LGBTQ community with open arms! My clients are always treated with respect and confidentiality is maintained at all times! I will not hold back any information positive or negative. I am a true and sincere Psychic and an expert in making connections with spirits/spirit guides. I can see into all situations and matters of life I can connect with the subconscious of a person to reveal insight into their thoughts emotions intentions towards you or someone else. I am one of only a few Psychics who can perform "Heart To Heart" sessions which allow me to let you talk to a person(s) subconscious. I can repair broken relationships no matter how difficult the situation may appear this is my specialty I take great pride in mending broken soulmates/twin flames I also provide services in past life readings I have been a mystic for over 15 years helping individuals in all matters like Love, Marriage, Money, Connections, and considerably more! I'm a fourth-generation clairvoyant I have a Divine gift given which I might want to share with the world and assist with bringing harmony and peace. I'm a visionary, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. I can tune in and help you to discover a lasting sense of harmony, My Clients find that I direct them on a way of "self-strengthening" showing them how astonishing life can be in spite of the obstacles.

Experience & Qualifications

15 Yrs as a Psychic Advisor, I got the opportunity to work with clients from multiple countries and coming up for issues such as love life, past life, intimacy, career, and finances. Certifications - Chakra Healer, NLP Therapist, Medium Specialist, Meditational Practitioner, and Career Coach,


Master's in Psychology and Business Administration