About My Services

Hello my name is Debbie, I have been reading palms for over 25 years. Palmistry is the oldest form of divination. It's the most personal of all readings, A palm reading can reveal what you have possessed since birth and, what lies ahead of you. Each line in your palm has a meaning and a story to tell. Palm Readings allow you to gather insight into your personality, your true path and your purpose. Its also a tool of reflection. Please when ordering a Palm reading send a photo of your dominate hand from and back, you can do this through the live chat by clicking the "Share Files" button So let's find the answers to your questions together. Contact me now for a live session. *Please note I do not answer any Medical, health, or pregnancy questions*

Experience & Qualifications

Over 25 years Experience. Have a Large Repeat Clientele. Worked from my own office as well as different companies. I am 8th generation Psychic. I have been helping people from a very young age find the answers and solutions they need to empower their own lives.


Born Gifted, Specializing in Relationship issues, Honest, Truthful Readings