About My Services

16+ years of My Spiritual experiences are enough to solve your issues... With my spiritual powers.. I’m most proud of my ability to offer hope to those who feel lost and need of guidance and I feel very bless with the knowledge that my gifts provide. With my Experiences I have seen that Everyone wants to know.. their actual inner.. and wants to know about their original.. I can show you what you are and can see whether you can reconcile with your partner or you should move on...

Experience & Qualifications

* Over 15 yrs. in Private Practice. * Identifying Paranormal Souls and Ghost Insights around you. *Find the energy levels of your aura. Other than this, I'm blessed with the gift of clairsentience - A clairsentient person is able to perceive energy fields (through physical sensations), including a person's aura and vibrations (such as voice and how words are strung together). My objective is to truly help souls heal and find genuine love whether it is loving themselves or learning to love others. I can connect with your energy and guide you through each situation to achieve the very best possible result. I find my specialty in matters of Career, but I can also help in matter of Heart, Finance, Dreams, Health, Failing Businesses, Soul mate Connections, Dating Issues, Marital Life Problems, Cheating and affairs, Break-ups and divorce, Parenting and family.


Bachelors degree