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** NEW on Kasamba ** Seeing is believing. I have seen and felt spirits my entire life. Did you hear or see something that you can't explain? Let's work together to see if we can debunk the situation or explore further into the unknown. Other Specialties  
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An ancient memory and a future responsibility were placed deep within you before coming into this world. Let me help your soul find the energy, the passion, the love, and the healing it deserves and craves. My spirit guides will advise you what sacred paths to take on this life journey.

Experience & Qualifications

I use my spirit guides to help me see all possible outcomes of a situation to best guide you in the right direction. In my 15 years of working professionally alongside my Mom, Psychic Emily Rose. I have read for hundreds of satisfied clients. I am a second generation psychic and look forward to sharing my gift from birth with you!


Psychology Major