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Paranormal Investigator for over 25 years You name it, I've seen it ! Very Accurate Descriptions Given before you tell me a thing. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I have worked alone and with two very gifted teams investigating spirit activity in homes, buiness locations and country properties, as well as historic locations that have been seen on America's Most Haunted as a guest speaker on investigating. I can help you merely by chatting online as I don't need to be with you to pick up on spirits around you. Some hauntings are violent for those it's best to seek out an experienced investigtor. Let me help you.

Experience & Qualifications

I can tell you what type of haunting you have on your hands. If you should fear what's happening. We can take care of your problem plus give you the tools to deal with it or make it stop. Some people enjoy their spirits and actually have daily contact with them. Most people contact me when they have reached a point of feeling terrified. That's when I get down to business. I can describe the rooms the ghost dwels in and things that have already happened to you.


Certified Psychic, Member Of Indiana Parnormal Investigators Based in Indiana ~ Personal Tours as a Guest Speaker on the Paranormal and Hauntings.