About My Services

For over 30 years I have been helping clients find the answers they seek. Coming from a long line of Psychic Heritage, I have been gifted with an ability to see/feel what many others can not or will not. As a former member of the New Orleans Paranormal Research Society I had the opportunity to investigate many haunted plantations in New Orleans and around the Louisiana area. Some of these investigations you can read about in the books mentioned above as well as see on Travel and Discovery Channels.

If you would like more information about paranormal research or are experiencing ghostly activity, dont hesitate to call or email.

~ Whether you just need some information or would like to know who in your area does paranormal research.....LOOK NO FURTHER......~

Most investigators do not charge a fee to come to your home for research. But before any home visit will occur many questions must first be answered. This is to ensure the safety of the investigators as well as eliminate other possible causes.

Paranormal Investigations have become very popular in the past few years due to increase of reality tv coverage. Are you interested in becoming an investigator? You do not have to be Psychic to become part of a paranormal research team.

"If you have come to the crossroads, I will show you what lies at the end of each path, but remember, it is you who chooses the path."

~~~~~~~~~~~Blessings, Love & Light~~~~~~~~~~

I do not not answer HEALTH QUESTIONS. It is my policy to give Spiritual Guidance and if you have a health issue or related questions please speak with a qualified physician.

Experience & Qualifications

*Paranormal Studies of Haunted Plantations.
*Studies include Meditation, Zen, Yoga, Tai Chi.
*Documentation of abilities in 2 books and a video.


*Over 34 yrs. experience in Cartomancy and Tarot
*Ordained Minister
*Over 15 yrs. in Private Practice
*Retired Investigator for the New Orleans Paranormal Research Society.
*Documentation of abilities in 2 books and a video.
*Books include;
"Ghost, Investigating the Other Side" by Katherine Ramsland, well known author of "Piercing The Darkness" and "Vampire Chronicles" as well as biographer of Anne Rice and Dean Koontz.
"Journey Into Darkness" by Kalila Smith, the book and video.