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** NEW on Kasamba ** Are you concerned with a possible haunting or simply need advice on how to clear negative energies? I will help you get this done! Other Specialties  
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Do you want to know if you are experiencing a true haunting? Is it a ghost or negative entity? Is it a case of untrained psychic ability such as psychokinesis, or an unconscious thought form coming from yourself or another? I know the signs of each of these and can help you to understand what your particular circumstance needs to give you rest and peace. In some cases such as hauntings, you may need to connect with the disembodied soul and help it. In other cases such as negative entities, a banishing may be necessary. With psychokinesis and thought forms the person with the wild energy may simply need psychic training. No matter the paranormal situation, I can advise you on what it is that you are dealing with and help you get through it.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a Wiccan Priest, Druid and Ceremonial Magician and Psychic. I have banished entities, helped the disembodied find peace, cleansed houses of negativity and advised on what to do to keep oneself safe from demonic entities and negative thought forms for over 20 years.


Wiccan Priest, Kabbalah Practitioner