About My Services

I have done professional tarot readings for more than 10 years now. It is for me just a way to focus my mind and access my psychic intuition and the messages guides and angels have for you. I only believe in that kind of natural and spiritual white magic and readings, to get you help in ordinance with the supreme God's will. I invoke my angels to communicate with yours and get you the help you need in each reading. I have been told by my previous consultants I am very positive, helpful and healing.I am knowledgeable of other alternative healing and spiritual techniques that I often use combined in my consultations to help my clients, like pendulum, visualizations and Channeling of angel and guides whispers. I teach you self hypnosis techniques and how to reach your angels and guides additionally.

Experience & Qualifications

Master Natural Psychic, was given a tarot when I was 11 and felt attracted to its study. By then, I was already very much close and in touch with Spirit and my guardian angels. I could predict rain, important family events and had a natural born high "premonition" talent. I believe in working for help and healing orientation only seaked from the angelic realm and the guides. Only white magic with prayer and positive affirmation. I have worked professionally with Tarot readings and con selling over 10 years both in Spain and the U.S. I have a master in Hypnosis and I have spent 20 years studying and practicing several different healing techniques, special focus on emotions and stress related ailments. Master in Metaphysics.


Master in Hypnosis, Psychology.Meditation, Tarot, metaphysics, EFT, EI, Parapsychology, Telepathy, and other related studies.