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** NEW on Kasamba ** With my natural gifts, I have over 10 years of experience as a professional reader.I helped more than 8000 clients , guiding them to find the truth hidden under the veil of reality. Other Specialties  
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Human beings have always tried to understand and interpret their position in the cosmos. Our ancestors taught us that heaven was able to exert a certain influence on the human being. It is possible to determine this influence, determining which planet, at the time of birth, was in the zodiacal sign. The distinctive traits of our personality are fixed at the moment of birth, but the influence of the stars exerts its power according to their movement, differently in every moment of our life. I can guide you to the discovery of the zodiac, a symbol that contains cosmic, physiological and psychological elements. Thanks to my long studies of Western astrology I can help you develop deep knowledge of your being and understand how to improve your present, developing your skills and best characteristics.

Experience & Qualifications

I discovered my natural gift when I was 12 and I soon realized that I could help other people. I was lucky enough to meet a gypsy tarologist who became my mentor and accompanied me in discovering this valuable tool and who taught me that coincidences do not exist. I worked as a reader for some important platforms during the last 6 years and at the same time I never stopped studying tarot. I'm currently working on the origins of the Tarot Cards and I'm working on the creation of a deck card soon to be published!


I graduated in art and theater and I attended several astrology courses. Thanks to my passion and the deep artistic studies I could connect my natural gift with an academic process who helped me to develop a solid knowledge of diviner tools and astrology.