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A Psychic Reading will open the door to the 'Secret Vault' and you'll discover the answers to your burning questions along with what was hidden to help you solve your confusion. Other Specialties  
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Welcome and thanks for visiting my profile! I am a Tarot Master, Psychic Visionary, Astrologer, Author of Tarot Boot Camp, The Hero Tarot Deck and Mama’s Cartomancy Deck. I will say a prayer, open a channel to my spiritual connection (spirit seems to understand our direction better than we do) and pull a Celtic Cross Tarot Spread for you which indicates pulling ten cards. This tarot spread is very detailed and relates to the past, present and the future and takes you through the ten cards, step by step until you reach the final card, the outcome and the answer to your question, and the advice or obstacles the cards reveal about your situation.

Experience & Qualifications

I’ve been providing readings on Kasamba since the year of 2008 and proven my expertise by answering questions regarding other people’s intensions, personalities, relationships, career, break-ups, soul mates, dreams and more. I learned the Tarot through my life experiences and the visions I received from my spiritual connection. When something major is going to happen in my life, my spiritual connection flashes a card to me many times in vivid color and I have learned to pay attention to the vision as a warning of an impending surprise and timing. As an example: I was flashed the 'Five of Pentacles' three times and this card represents financial loss or sickness. I lost my job, two roommates, experienced three financial losses in the month of March, all within 3 weeks of the vision. Although my loss was painful, the universe opened a new door and I started working at Kasamba. We are associated with a continuous cycle of change and the seventy-eight passageways of the tarot. These passageways are associated with growth and the new doors that will open up and lead us into new opportunities that are ready to explore.


My gifts descended to me through my mother and great grandmother. I am third-generation psychic, picking up a tradition that began with my psychic great-grandmother who read the Tarot Cards, obtaining staggeringly accurate readings despite her use of an ancient, ragged and frayed Tarot Deck.