About My Services

I am a natural born Psychic reader and I have vast experience in Indian, Chinese, Vedic Astrology. I meditate and use the help of spirits and holy water. I strongly believe in the Spirituality and power behind the Tarot Cards and most important of all I believe in God almighty. I can remove all negative energy and bring good things back into your life. I can guide you spiritually and give you advice related to Marraige, Love, Relationships etc as I have the Psychic ability to guide you, to love, peace and happiness. I have mended many broken relationships and marriages. I have never left anyone puzzled or confused after having a simple reading with me.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been doing Psychic readings for a long time. I have grown up with the Psychic ability since child hood. My grandfather was a 4th generation Psychic and now it has been passed down to me. I will tell you what is going to happen. Be prepared to hear the truth! I have all the answers for those burning questions. Does this person have feelings for me? Does this relationship have potential? What are my partner's thoughts? Will my marriage/relationship last? Will we reunite? Will I find my soul mate? Can I trust my partner? OR What will happen In Future. I will only speak the truth as I will tell you things what you need to hear not what you want to hear. I don’t sugar-coat my readings. I am a psychic reader and sometimes the truth is not as you want it to be so it may hurt some while others may like it. I strongly believe in the power of spirits and power of the Tarot and also the supreme ruler of this entire universe. I work with holy magic. I use spells, meditation and guidance from the holy spirit to perform my ceremonies. Let me help you and guide you to your destiny. May God bless you. Do See what my clients have to say about me.


Born Psychic. Blessed with the abilites from my ancestors.