George Wic

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Guided Meditation



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About My Services

I pride myself on providing In-depth, Fast, Accurate & Informative readings to my clients. I am an honest, professional and compassionate psychic. I am professional practitioner for about 20 years. I will strive to give you best possible reading using intuition, feelings, clairvoyance. Being professional advisor I can addresses your most intimate questions and concerns about your Love, Career, Family, Friends, Dreams and Past Life and also can validate your own intuitive insights and impressions.

Experience & Qualifications

By combining a high degree of trust in intuitive insight and the spiritual nature of reality with my working knowledge of human nature, I compassionately reveals the truth and helps you to see new perspectives and to achieve peace and well-being. My rational and intuitive sense of clarity had made me able to pick up exact time frames. I use intuitive Spiritual guidence to gain a new understanding of individuals true feelings and motivations, as well as what is really going on in any situation. I can guide you to discover new ways to overcome obstacles and to define and achieve your highest goals.


Gifted Spiritual Reader