Onikah Spiritual Guide

Specializing in: 

Guided Meditation



** NEW on Kasamba ** Unique psychic ability ,very deep ,honest and accurate reading different from anybody else! Other Specialties  
About My Services

I'm a third generations psychic born with the extraordinary ability to read energies ,I receive guidance from my Spirits Guide. I'm able to connect with you in a very deep level , I need your focus and your trust , I can feel energy related to present and future and I will guide you through my reading to find a way , to find an answer , to find peace of mind. I will tell you exactly what I'm able to feel on your situations , but I need you to be ready to receive the truth , which sometimes is not what we exactly expect or want to hear. Be very open minded and ask me clear questions , the most detailed will be your questions the most accurate and precise can be my predictions.

Experience & Qualifications

Over 15 years of experience in Tarot Reading and Psychic Meditation. Spiritual Coach certificate Master Degree in Psychology Meditation Guided Trainer I have been studied for all of my life the divination world , the spiritual aspects and as well the psychological side , I'm fully acknowledged about my gift and I'm helping people all over the world since more then 15 years.


Master Degree In Psychology , Master Certification in Tarot Reading , Master Certification in Spiritual Coach, Certification in Meditation Guide