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The most popular tool for divination in the world, the Tarot has been described as being a representation of all the universe as humanity can perceive it. The Tarot itself has the ability to portray any situation possible within the confines of it's esoteric knowledge and wisdom. The Tarot itself is only picture cards with some meanings applied to them, but when used by the right person, it becomes a tool for accessing divine knowledge through intuition and an understanding of the nature of divination. Ask and you shall receive, the saying goes. Perception and interpretation is the biggest aspect of how and why the Tarot works. We subconsciously are designed to take in information. We store it and if it is added up together, humans themselves know things that, for lack of better word, would be called "supernatural" knowledge. It is believed that you already know what is to happen. That your understanding of the world does indeed process that the macrocosm and the microcosm are one. That within every vein of the leaves of a great oak, or the unique design in the iris of a blue eyed child, lies the blueprint of all existence that has been and will be. We intuitively know already, but we get lost. We need direction. We simply can not handle such knowledge consciously because it would just interfere with our everyday lives. So, we take up the task of laying down these picture cards. Asking guidance and letting our intuition do the work. Asking advice and what will happen. The Tarot is a method of helping people make better and more clarified decisions in their life. It is the ritual meditation on a subject and giving ourselves to chance to predict the outcome. To visualize what we know is to happen. To help remind our conscious selves of what is the nature of our situations. Confusion is of very little use to us. We need guidance. When confused and IN a situation we forget things. Many of times even lose touch with our spiritual selves. Our guides try and contact us, but we're too earth bound by worldly problems, so our mind takes over. The Tarot is just another tool for reminding or physical selves of our spiritual selves and making the connection from conscious to subconscious. The door to receive the messages the universe is already trying to tell us, but we may not be paying attention to. The Tarot is just a tool. It depends on who reads them to justify them and bring their meanings out. It is true that some read better than others, although it is also true that some readers connect better with certain people. What might be a decent reader for one, could be reader who gives extraordinary and accurate life changing insight to another. Some exquisite readers find people they can not read for at all. It is to be understood that readers are not a one-size-fits-all. Some are meant to guide certain people, and some meant to guide others. The countless religions of the world are a testament to that statement being true. So, not unlike religions, each person must find which person is meant to guide them if they seek a out divinatory guidance. This reading is a reading best described as reflecting ones emotions. A very good reading if you are looking to know how someone is feeling or thinking about you. This reading is best suited for those who have 1 - 2 questions, as too many questions overload and confuse the Tarot, thus creating a confusing card layout. The Tarot usually has a time span of 2 weeks in the past, current time and around 3 months into the future. This varies greatly with different people though. Requirements: First name (at least) of person asking for a reading and first names of people being inquired about. A question (clear and concise) must be posed for the Tarot as well

Experience & Qualifications

Reading since age eleven. I have read for thousands of clients, many more than my ratings show. Most people do not rate. I have read for many clients in person as well, as I own my own reading business in Ohio.