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35 years experience reader, guide you what your future holds in love, marriage, career path, reunite, honest reading no sugar coating fast type….. Other Specialties  
About My Services

First I would like to say you thank to choose me as an expert here. I am new at Live Person but I have my own practice and doing reading for many years. I shall help you in your love life, if you feel sorrow with your love mate, doubts on his/her, someone else in life, reconcile marriage issues, and kids problems I shall also help in your career, new job, promotion in position, switch over, money, financial growth, dues and all your daily issues like property purchase, dispute matter, lost things. Sorry for all kind of gambling like horse number, lottery etc. If you feel any other sorrow, stress and bad situation in your life path you please come and discuss with me I will feel pleased to be your expert here.

Experience & Qualifications

I am doing my astrology, psychic and tarot readings for my thousands of clients for 35 years. I also work as an expert online and my local shop and now am on this live person. I have done many predictions for well known persons and also publish astrology newspaper. I have been attended many seminars and gave solutions and readings to many clients free of cost. I have God gifted powers and sixth sense light and intuitive skill as I shall guide. I do meditation, yoga and can make direct connection with angels and guide to all in your all life aspects. I will feel pleased to help you on Live Person and give you clear insight what your future holds for you. Thank you for all and choose me as your expert.