About My Services

Mon to Friday -10am to 3pm and 8pm to 10pm EST - Sat to Sun -Hours vary Please feel free to message me to schedule an appointment. Sometimes you just need to know when. Sometimes you need to know how. Sometimes you need to know everything. I'm here for all of those times and more. I specialize in matters of love and life. My gift is from the Divine. I still can't properly explain how I do what I do. Only that I can and do. It's as natural to me as it is to breath. Where there are questions, I have answers. No matter what your situation or problems, I know I can help. I've helped thousands over the course of my time here. I am more than able to help you. Nothing surprises or shocks me anymore. I am not judgemental either. If there is one thing that you can know is that your secrets are safe with me. I won't judge your or lifestyle. There are many paths and none are absolute. It's not for myself or anyone else to judge you or what your choices are. My role is simply to guide you towards what make you happiest and what is best for you. Not for me or anyone. It's about you, your life and your happiness. I have been instrumental in guiding many towards the people that they love, overcoming challenges, seeing the impossible become possible. If there is a way there, we will find it. All with the deep and clear psychic insight. My abilities are real.

Experience & Qualifications

I've spent my life learning, growing, studying and meditating on the ultimate truths of love, life and wisdom. I specialize in bringing you from darkness to the light of life. I know the way back. Let me guide you from desperation and hopefulness to the joy that can only be felt by once again having hope. Please be advised that I am NOT associated with any other advisors on Kasamba. There is no chance or risk of me sharing my transcripts with others or gaming the system by asking others for your info. My readings are original, clean, sincere and all my own. Expect nothing but the truth with your best interests in mind. Not mine but yours.


B.A. Metaphysics - Lifelong Seeker of knowledge and empowerment. Various Spiritual degrees in many different fields.