About My Services

I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. This allows me to see, hear and sense deeply into people and events and I love sharing these abilities with others to help them gain love, peace, security and prosperity. I am also an intuitive empath which gives me the ability feel how people are feeling towards you and intuit why they are acting the way they are. When I channel your energy or the energies of others and places I will be able to give you insight into what is happening and alternate courses of action you might take to avoid some of the pitfalls and hurdles life throws at us. Through my spirit guides I will advise you on the spiritual meanings to why these situations arise so as to get happier and more peaceful results for you on your path to wholeness and prosperity.

Experience & Qualifications

I was born and intuitive empath and at a young age I gained the ability to contact my spirit guides. When I was 22 I was formally trained by some of Bostons best psychics from the oldest continually open Psychic Salon in America. I have been a professional psychic ever sense and have learned a variety of psychic and mental skills from the beautiful, varied and eclectic people I worked with and for 10 years. Spirituality is the guiding force in my life and it has lead me through many situations and compels me to help others find clarity and purpose. Each individual has their own spiritual path, and I love helping clients find theirs! "We are all climbing the same spiritual mountain, we just take different paths to the top!"