About My Services

Understand Marie Stands out as “an exceptional” telepathic-intuitive card reader: Experience an amazing comprehensive/clear card reading technique called "The Big Picture Reading" by Understanding Marie! The wonderful thing about this style of reading is: It provides valuable life-changing information for you! Whether you are having a one card or multiple card reading, Understanding Marie's readings are Divinely designed to give you "a big picture understanding” of your life experience, life event or question(s). In your session, she will be using one or multiple decks of different types of cards. She will tap-in, telepathically, and with the help of Divine Spirit/Holy Spirit and your Divine guides, choose the appropriate decks to be used based on your personal needs. She will then lay the cards and share their meaning in a flow that, normally ensures that you will, in the end, say “Wow! OK, I get it!” Disclaimer: These readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not provided via an exact science-based source of information; nor are they intended to provide and do not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. Information given in the reading should also not replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition.

Experience & Qualifications

About Understanding Marie: Marie has successfully served as energetic health intuitive, clairvoyant and animal communicator and much, much more. As a natural God-Centered, six sensory and telepathic communicator, she has spent over forty-three years providing spiritual and life-path mentoring and counseling to adults and children. She has also received formal training and/or is certified in many alternative/holistic health modalities including but not limited to, reflexology; aromatherapy; herbology; flower essences; quantum life-force meditation; quantum touch healing; crisis counseling and intervention, and natural play instructor. She is a certified Hado Instructor (Her interest in understanding the crossroads where science and spirituality meet, led her to train and certify with Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of the best seller book series “Messages from Water”.) Marie is also a published book co-author and a woman’s spirituality magazine article contributor writer. She really enjoys writing and sharing her poetry, spiritual philosophies, and ancient understandings. Marie is the creator and host of the BlogTalk Radio Program “Cleverness and Common Sense” and appears regularly as a guest co-host on other blog talk radio programs. Marie began her spiritual path as a very young child. From the age of four, she had a deep sense of knowing and understanding of many topics both spiritual and scientific, she was wise far beyond her years. (Marie said: My gift to the world is to be so sublimely sure of myself that others will believe in The Gift of Divine Grace and Love, simply because I do!).


B.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Education of The Gifted and is a certified Crisis-Intervention Counselor.